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How to Fix FIFA 21 Random Crashes?

FIFA 21 is out now. It is an installment of EA Sports Active Football Game. The new edition of this game has some major changes in comparison to the older versions of this game. It can be downloaded from all the official e-commerce sites of this series. But, if you want to get the most exciting FIFA 21 experience without following the steps on how to install this version, here are the simple and effective tips for you.

Get PREpped For FIFA 21! Before launching the FIFA 21 game, get ready for the update by downloading the patch. Once you get the patch installed, your computer will become ready for FIFA 21. Get PREpped for FIFA 21 before installing the patch!

If you want to know how to fix the corrupt DLL file, just right-click on your computer and click properties. Here, you will see the section marked as DLL. Click on the arrow next to “lib.” This will bring a list of all the DLL files that are loaded in your game, and you will see the one that is corrupted (if there is any) or broken.

To resolve this problem, you need to download and run registry cleaner software for your FIFA 21 PC or PS4. The registry cleaner scans your pc or your PS4 and detects the errors present in your system. After detecting them, the software goes ahead to fix them one by one. It also detects any other defective files in your system and deletes them. This is so because your computer needs to have at least a minimum of 5.dll files for it to run effectively. With the missing DLL files, your computer will face many problems while playing the game like your screen freezing, instability, and many more.

When downloading the latest version of FIFA 21, you should not forget to download and install the newest update. You can do this by right-clicking on the game’s main page and going to manage the game on your computer. Here, you will be able to find the download link for the latest update. This will help you have the best experience when playing the sport, and you will surely enjoy playing with the updated version of FIFA 21.

Sometimes, you may encounter some errors while playing the game like your screen is frozen or the game freezes. The reason behind this problem is either due to hardware incompatibility or software incompatibility. If you find that the hardware compatibility is the problem, then you just need to replace the malfunctioning hardware part with a new one. If you are playing the game in the new compatibility mode, then you have to follow the steps given in the step-by-step guide to be able to fix the game issue. These steps usually involve the following procedures:

If you want to play the new Career mode in FIFA 21, then you have to download and install the update to your computer first. Once you have successfully done so, launch the game and then click the start button. Once the game has launched, go to the settings and click on the add/edit player options. Here, you have to look for the mode switch and select the option for the career mode. Launch the game and then check if the mode is properly set in the right areas.

Another possible problem that occurs when you are playing the game is related to the Direct X Select-value. This value is present in the control panel and needs to be edited according to the current setting. To fix this, launch the game and then go to the add/remove programs icon. Here, you have to look for the item named ‘FX FIFA 21’, and then double click on it. Now click on the edit section and change the value for the direct_select value.

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