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Scary Game Review – Resident Evil 2 Resume

Scary Game Review – Resident Evil 2 Resume

Scenario B is the second installment of the popular “Resident Evil” series. It came out in 2021 and was well received by hardcore fans of the series. It featured a brand new story and different characters than the previous games. But did fans get what they were expecting? Let’s find out.

I can’t say I loved the game. I know it had some really cool concepts, especially the idea that Biohazard containment suits were used to protect humans from an impending invasion of zombies. However, I just didn’t think the game was very good at following through with those concepts. In fact, I felt the majority of the game tried to do the same thing over again. I’m sure there are people out there that loved “Resident Evil: Survival” more than I did, but I personally found the first game to be the better of the two.

Now, I’m not saying that scenario C doesn’t have it’s own fun moments. Heck, it does. I liked how L.A. progresses from a city safe to an old industrial city full of zombie virus zombies. The story line added excellent twists and turns, making you really feel like you’re part of it instead of just watching it happen around you. Add to that the excellent audio and visual work done by Keaton Kipps and you have one of the scariest games you’ll play.

What I didn’t like about scenario C was the cut scenes. The problem is that while it adds atmosphere, it makes the game look too “cartoonish.” The zombies looked like they were made out of computer animation and the only thing that looked real was the gun that Sam uses to shoot them. And because there were so many actors playing so many different characters, the actors couldn’t really speak much. Which, to me, is a big negative point for any game but, again, I’m not going to go into detail.

So, now we come to scenario B and the level where you fight the good guys and the bad guys. Again, this was a letdown. Again, the zombie look more like an animated prop instead of something that will scare you. The fighting seemed a little underwhelming too. Well, maybe I’m just not good at this type of game…

Anyway, if you prefer a fast paced, intense game with lots of action, then this is the game for you. I especially enjoyed the intense moments when you’re trapped in the office and you have to save everyone from the maniacs. Also, you have to find the truth before it’s too late. With all the action, there are a lot of emotions to release and, in the end, the storyline of the game made me feel that much suspense and fear at the same time.

Overall, the game is fun, although there were times that I wanted to scratch my head in confusion because I didn’t understand what was going on. I guess the developers of the game did their best to make everything make sense. But still, the story line may get a little confusing at times and I am not sure if I liked it as well as I thought I did. This isn’t a game that I recommend to those looking for a straightforward action-packed game, but one that has great graphics, excellent audio, and some of the best PC game play I’ve seen in a long time.

In conclusion, I give the scenario B game a thumbs up. It is a fast paced, intense game with excellent graphics and excellent PC game play. It is the scariest game I have played, but the graphics and the sound effects make it a lot scarier. Overall, this game is a must buy for all hardcore fans of the original Resident Evil and fans of the remake. It is worth the money and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of either game.

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