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Flip Diving Game Review

Flip Diving Game Review

You’ve probably heard of the Flip Diving video game. It is the latest offering from EA Sports, a stupendous sports game developer that has created amazing games before with their Accessibility initiative. Now, they have added another marvelous game to their repertoire: Flip Diving. If you enjoy the great visuals and top-notch sound of EA Sports Active, then you are going to love Flip Diving. From the press release:

Each sport has its own stunts and challenges. A new stunt is added every week, so players will be left speechless as they go through each new installment. For Flip Diving this includes some extremely acrobatic moves that you simply won’t see in other games. In fact, when I first played the game, I assumed it would be very easy and not much effort at all. Boy was I wrong!

The graphics in Flip Diving are incredible. The movement, while fluid, is so realistic and lifelike you can almost feel it. The new physics engine allows for flips and dives, including flips performed on real objects and jumping from various heights onto moving trampolines. The trampolines also react to your actions, letting you jump, slide, and dive off of them into the air. Some of the more popular stunts include cliff diving locations, mini trampolines, bungee jumping, and several others.

The controls in Flip Diving are designed to be intuitive, yet responsive so that you don’t lose your balance or fall off of your trampoline. There are several difficulty levels, which increase as you progress through the game. The trick system allows players to earn points by performing different difficult tricks, such as combinations of air loops and land loops, and requires a combo meter to be maintained at a high level of efficiency. You can also purchase additional add-ons and upgrades, allowing you to unlock even more tricks and earn even more money.

You can purchase Flip Diving as a single-player game, or play against the computer in a split-screen game with two or more players. The online version offers many interesting challenges, as well. In the single-player game, you must locate all items within a certain time limit, avoid all obstacles, and complete your course without dropping any coins. When playing against the computer, you have a limited amount of time to perform each trick and must perform them within a certain amount of time in order to win. If you fail to finish in time, you will be sent back to the beginning.

Flip Diving Game Review

Flip Diving can be played using your web browser, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The free daily spin machine enables players to earn money and earn points while enjoying their Flip Diving sessions. The free daily spin machine comes with a variety of obstacles to dive through, ranging from an indoor playground to an offshore ocean. Each dive will earn you money and provide new challenges for players to master. As you progress through each level of the game, you will also be rewarded with bonus coins.

To keep the challenge in place, there are several upgrade trees available in the game that can be purchased to give you even more coins every time you play the game. Also, as you progress through the different levels, you will be rewarded with special artifacts that allow you to do even more tricks and dive. These special coins can be traded in for other games such as Wheel of Fortune and the like. Flip Diving is definitely a fun game to play and has very little repetitive elements.

Flip Diving is extremely popular among mobile gaming fans, and it doesn’t look that its popularity will be losing any time soon. The controls are simple and intuitive, and the graphics are fairly basic. Most people will find it a pleasant enough game to spend some time on. As the only flash game with an endless number of levels, this one shouldn’t prove too difficult to beat. Plus, it’s free – so what more could you ask for?

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