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A Great New Fun Game For Kids Is No Longer Just a Snake

A Great New Fun Game For Kids Is No Longer Just a Snake

Have you ever played Snake on your Nokia 3310 mobile phone? In fact, it is quite famous as a game on mobiles. However, some people have asked themselves why should they play Snake on their phones when they can simply use other apps from the Play Store? The answer to this question is actually very simple any mobile phone with Internet connectivity can be used to play Snake.

What makes snake an exciting arcade game? Basically, it is a puzzle game based on real life. For example, there are two snakes that are tied together by a thread. The snake in the left portion of the screen is moving up while the one in the right portion is moving down. You have to help the snake to move from left to right. Every time it moves in the wrong direction, it would turn into an ahead, or tail and eventually turn into a body.

The interesting part of playing snake on Nokia is that it has been inspired by many different classic arcade games. For example, if we take Marble Madness, the main character is nothing but a typical arcade game. He was a personification of bad habits like jumping, destroying stuff, and so on. So, the developers of the game took that idea and transformed it into a gaming device. And when Nokia mobile phones were launched, the same game was re-branded as Nokia snake.

This re-branding of the game was taken care of with the launch of the Nokia 3310 mobile phones. And along with the re-branding came the amazing feature of a black and white screen which is monochrome. This was the exact factor that made people wonder – why on earth should one play snake on the Nokia 3310 when they had black and white phones available.

To make the game more appealing, they have gone in for some fantastic effects. For example, the snake avatar has got the ability to rotate and move. And the controls are just as you would find in any video game. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting stuck while playing. In fact, you could use the screen as a flywheel and try to spin the snake. The effect is very cool and the graphics do look very good.

Apart from the ability to play snake games on the Nokia 3310, this mobile phone also has some other neat features which make the game a lot more exciting. For example, you can use the birds to attack the snakes. Also, there are several levels in the game which allow you to go up to challenge the high scores. The high scores list is actually displayed on the screen which means that you can keep track of your performance.

However, if you want to play the game in the shortest time possible, then you should obviously download the snake game for iPhone to your phone. This way, you can save your time and play the game whenever you want. It’s just like having your own virtual game console at your beck and call.

Since both the iPhone and snake video games are similar in many ways, it is no wonder that they can be played easily with the help of a simple internet connection. Therefore, whether you want to play with a snake or a real pet, you can do so using your iPhone, PSP, or Wii consoles. Both these devices are readily available at online mobile stores at the click of a button.

It is important that you choose the right kind of game for your interests. If you are not very keen on pet-based games, then you should select Snake Oil. This is a highly interactive game that teaches kids about caring and nurturing. This is the perfect game to play when you have some free time to spend with your children. The graphics are fairly good and the game is filled with fun characters.

Another interesting game that you can play with your children is Crocodile Lake. In this video game, kids can interact with the characters made from crocodiles. Kids will learn how to care for and even tame a crocodile. In fact, the Crocodile Lake app can teach kids how to deal better with animals in general and make them better human beings in the process.

If you are worried about your kid spending too much time glued to the screen, worry not. You can also play snake video games that do not require your child to sit down to play. Interesting titles such as The Curse of Monkey Island can keep them busy for hours. This is one title that can keep them busy for more than two hours at a stretch. The snake adventure game can be played on both phones and PCs.

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